SenseTribe Newsletter #1: Time for togetherness

Wow, this is our first newsletter at SenseTribe, a small tribe of passionate individuals.

The world is in flux and togetherness seems more important than ever. We have a lot of events coming up, so we thought it was a good idea to reach out. Enjoy the updates.

Building Businesses Back Better: Pledge & Webinar

The impacts of COVID19 on the economy show that the way we do business today is economically unsustainable. We’ve developed the Build Business Back Better pledge together with WeAll, World Fair Trade Organization and Sistema B, so business owners and decision-makers can join a community committed to doing just that.

👉 Sign the pledge today

👉 Register to a webinar about the role of businesses in a wellbeing economy

Are you looking for new organisational dynamics to build a resilient organisation?

Hello Spanish speakers! We were looking and couldn’t find something that would bring together all the new trends in organizational design so… we decided to create it and share it with you! Co-created with Thinking With You, 9Brains and Gerardo Barcia (BBVA Next). More information click here.

👉 Register here (in Spanish)

How can Art of Hosting help us navigate uncertainty and evolve in times of isolation and global crisis?

We invite you to bring your questions, ideas, hopes and dreams and dive into a collective inquiry together. Let’s navigate into these unknown times with an open heart and mind to discover new possibilities in this Art of Hosting Online Training on 9 June — 21 July. There are a few days left for Early Birds.

👉 Register here

Meetup next Monday: Sociocracy 3.0 and effective collaboration

For Spanish speakers: Join us on Monday and discover Sociocracy 3.0, a social technology that can help organizations at any scale to grow agility and resilience. This free session is useful for both, regulars and newcomers. Discover some basic concepts and ideas of how to Sociocracy in your context. Speakers: Mira Bangel (Sensetribe Co-Founder), Adrian Perreau de Pinninck(Partnos) and Hugo Lopes (Conkistadores)

👉 Register here (in Spanish)

👉 Join the Portuguese meetup for upcoming sessions in English

So, who is SenseTribe?

We are a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals specialised in projects that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. SenseTribe offers consulting services around participatory processes for events, stakeholder communication, organisational development, policy development and product and service innovation.

By putting effective collaboration, collective wellbeing and creativity at the centre, SenseTribe designs processes that foster awareness, collaborative practices and authentic partnerships. To find out more about us, visit:



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Mira Bangel

Co-Founder & participatory collaboration processes @ SenseTribe // participatory leadership / NVC / Sociocracy 3.0 / design thinking